AIPAC brunch at Ohef Sholom Temple explores the Changing Face of Pro-Israel Activism in America

by | Jan 28, 2013 | What’s Happening

Sunday, Feb. 10, 11 am

What does an African American, an evangelical Christian and a Jewish college student have in common? They are the featured speakers at this year’s AIPAC brunch at Ohef Sholom Temple.

As in years past, the Ohef Sholom Temple Men’s Club, Sisterhood, Young Adult Community (YAC) and adult education committee will provide a delicious, free brunch and a learning opportunity for the community to enjoy.

The theme of this year’s brunch and briefing is the Changing Face of Pro-Israel Activism in America. Brought to Tidewater by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), special guests will give personal insight into the role of the African American, Evangelical and next generation pro-Israel activists. Participating in the program will be Ashley Bell, Pastor Isaac Mooneyham and local Staci Eichelbaum.

For attendees of the AIPAC Policy Conference last March in Washington, D.C., it didn’t take much to notice the changing face of the pro-Israel activist community. A walk through the packed convention hall revealed a crowd of more than 13,000 people that was more diverse than the normal stereotype of the Jewish lobby.

AIPAC is still the prime location for pro- Israel Jewish activism, but a effort has made it home for many non-Jewish supporters of Israel, as well: Christian evangelicals, African Americans, Latinos and student leaders from many top colleges.

This incredible shift did not happen in a vacuum or by chance. It comes not just because the United States is different, but because the Jewish community is different— because the Jewish community is more involved politically and because it is stretching its arms to anyone who wants to join in support of Israel. Jews cannot support Israel alone or enough. Israel needs all of the friends she can get.

Attend the brunch to hear the stories of these great pro-Israel activists.

To RSVP (required) by Feb. 6, visit or email or call Josh Karsh at or 770-541-7610.