Dear Hampton Roads Friends and Family,

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Other News

As you may have already heard, Rebecca Aleck Koltun, daughter of Virginia Beach native Audrey (Aleck) Koltun and her husband Scott, and the granddaughter of Helen and Warren Aleck, suffered a life-altering, horrific skiing accident on March 13.

Rebeca severely fractured her C1–C2 vertebrae which are very high up on her neck. This fracture has denied her the ability to breathe and eat on her own, and she is reliant on a ventilator 24/7. Rebecca has lost her ability to speak and to control all functions of her body including her arms and legs. This vibrant 21-year-old honor student, soccer player, daughter, sister, and “super friend” to so many people was graduating this May from SUNY Binghamton with Honors and pursuing medical school in August.

Quadriplegia has shattered her dreams of all that and much more.
Rebecca has now moved from the ICU at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Centre to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, Mass. Spaulding specializes in spinal cord injuries and was chosen by her Dartmouth Care Team, along with Audrey and Scott, to offer the very best option for Rebecca.

After she’s released from the rehab center many months from now, Rebecca will need 24-hour care. Audrey and Scott will need to re-fit their home to accommodate Rebecca’s needs, buy a van that will accommodate her ability to be transported for out-patient treatments, potential surgeries, and further out-patient rehab on a regular basis. That’s just the surface of what lies ahead.

As you can imagine, the costs are insurmountable and never-ending. Family and friends are exploring stem cell treatment options in the USA and Israel, electronic devices that can be implanted to possibly help Rebecca breathe on her own one day, and medical equipment that can be attached to simulate mobility. Insurance will only cover a fraction of these expenses. Audrey and Scott are working remotely for their hometown jobs in Long Island so that their insurance stays active; yet, they stay by Rebecca’s side 15–18 hours each day, keeping Rebecca their #1 priority every single moment.

Life will never be the same for Rebecca, but hopefully through the latest technology and research, as well as rehabilitation, she will become the very best version of herself that is possible.
Rebecca needs help. Many of the Aleck-Koltun Long Island friends are currently writing for funding, media awareness stories, connecting with the SUNY Binghamton campus, and The Christopher Reeve Foundation’s funding site, Please check this web link for Rebecca’s specific fundraising page through the Foundation.

There is also a post on for those who want to stay up-to-date on Rebecca’s progress and/or wish to leave a message for her and the family.

Audrey’s hometown roots are a critical connection now more than ever. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Most importantly, please keep Rebecca in your prayers every day.

With incredible appreciation and respect,
Lisa Belkov Snyder