Dear Readers: Food & Romance

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Trending News

Dear Readers,

Food, drink, and romance seem to be as linked as love and hugs.

Think about it…do you recall many first dates that didn’t involve a drink or a meal? I don’t.

Or can you name many meetups with friends and relatives that don’t feature some sort of food consumption? Not me.

Beyond nutrition, food often serves as the prime ingredient, if not the spice, of our personal relationships.

And, so it is with this section.

In his article on The Humusiya, Eitan Altshuler describes the community he found around eating hummus in Israel. Now, he’s preparing it at the Sandler Family Campus for the community. I’ve tried some and can vouch that it’s a tasty treat for Tidewater. Page 18.

According to Ted Kaufman, even a little knowledge is extremely helpful when choosing a wine. His article, A bluffer’s guide to the wine list (or how to look good to your table guests and/or date) is as informative as it is fun to read. Find it on page 20.

Romance leading to love was in the air for a couple of Ugly Hanukkah Sweater wearers in Washington, DC. Their story (which also began with food and drink) is on page 26.

Did you know Virginia Beach is the 17th best location to move to to fall in love? Who knew? The article on page 25 provides the statistics.

Not all love is necessarily romantic, of course, which brings us to the photographs of the women who participated in the most recent Great Big Challah Bake. Making challah has long been an expression of love, and it proved so again at B’nai Israel in November.

To all of you who consider yourself romantics, foodies, or wine connoisseurs, I hope you embrace and enjoy it all!

Terri Denison