Hollywood stars gather to remember Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Obituaries

Film industry heavyweights gathered to remember Hollywood actresses Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, at a private memorial service in Los Angeles.

Actors Stephen Fry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Meg Ryan, Candace Bergen, Meryl Streep, Ed Begley Jr., Jamie Lee Curtis and Penny Marshall were among the guests who attended the memorial Thursday, Jan. 5 for Fisher, who portrayed Princess Leia in the 1970s Star Wars film series, the New York Daily News reported. George Lucas, the series’ director, also was in attendance.

Fisher, who was Jewish, died Dec. 27 after suffering a heart attack aboard an airplane. She was 60.

Reynolds, who launched her storied career in the iconic film musical Singin’ in the Rain, died a day later of a stroke. She was 84.

Fry, who like Paltrow is Jewish, bonded with Fisher partly over their experiences fighting depression, the Daily Mail reported. He was one of five people, including Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, who offered eulogies at the event before some 120 guests, according to the Daily Mail.

“All the tributes circled back to Billie and how much Carrie loved her,” Fry, 59, told People magazine of the event held at a Beverly Hills venue.