Immigration attorney sought to help the stranger

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Other News


This past year, the Ohef Sholom Temple Immigration Committee and Commonwealth Catholic Charities conducted a community-wide needs assessment and discovered an almost shocking and complete absence of affordable legal services for poor immigrants in Tidewater. Funding was secured to remedy the situation and hire an attorney to provide these vital services.

It is often the case that immigrant women who marry U.S. citizens are afraid to report their husbands who beat or sexually abuse them because of a mistaken fear of losing their legal status to remain in the U.S.A.

Quite frequently, immigrant employees are trafficked and exploited by unscrupulous employers. The immigrant employees feel they must bear the situation to remain in the United States. All this pain and more can be alleviated and the promise of the U.S.A. can be kept if access to an affordable immigration attorney can be made available.

Please help to fill the position by applying or passing the word onto qualified candidates. Please use the following link for a complete job description.

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