Up now and up next in the Leon Family Gallery

by | Sep 8, 2017 | What’s Happening


Yoni Alter’s Cities exhibit brings a splash of pop-art style to the Leon Family Gallery. Featuring skylines of some very recognizable cities, as well as fresh interpretations of city architecture and objects, Alter’s work joins a line-up sure to excite art lovers throughout Tidewater.

Alter’s work is featured, and lauded, across the world. Thanks to his Shapes of Cities series, his work has been chosen by cities such as New York and London to represent their marketing endeavors as well as decorate the buildings lining their streets. The collection includes cities such as San Francisco, Sydney, and Shanghai. To create the effect of the city without a massive image, Alter clusters together key buildings and landmarks in an accurate comparative scale. The effect is absorbing, allowing the viewer to be transported in an instant through Alter’s bright depictions.


Erez Kaganovitz, the creator of Humans of Tel Aviv, began the project in 2012 after stumbling upon Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York blog. Since then, he has photographed thousands of Tel Aviv citizens and captured their stories to share with the world. Each photograph depicts one small moment in Tel Aviv life from refugees from Africa who fled to Israel to Singaporean immigrants who moved to Tel Aviv after finding their faith in Judaism. The goal of Humans of Tel Aviv is to show “the reality as I see it in Tel Aviv…I want to show that Israel is not only a war zone; we are a vibrant civil society.”

– Erin Dougherty