Veterans Day activity at Toras Chaim

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Other News

In honor of Veterans Day, the third and fourth grade class of Joanna Schranz at Toras Chaim School, under the leadership of Rabbi Yonah Lazar, held a special program to recognize the holiday.

Craig Schranz a Commander in the United States Navy Reserve (and the teacher’s husband) shared information with the students on the makeup of the Armed forces and the history of Veterans Day. The children learned about the different components of military uniforms, the use of camouflage, and the contributions of Jewish men and women to the nation’s defense. They also had the opportunity to compose letters of appreciation to thank veterans for their service. These letters were shared with to go out with special Veteran’s Day care packages of kosher food to current Jewish military service members. The letters were also shared with the Jewish War Veterans of the USA to be distributed as a note of appreciation.

The Toras Chaim students were enthusiastic participants in the program and sincerely appreciate the sacrifice of all veterans, and in particular, Jewish military members who defend the United States of America, allowing them the freedom to study Torah, perform mitzvot, and proudly identify as Jews.

Craig Schranz