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Art at home

For some people, art is décor—either purchased at an art show or gallery or chosen by an interior designer. For others, though, art is personal because it is their own creation. Jewish News spoke with several area artists to learn a little about their work, which isn’t for sale, by the way.

Abbie Korman - Photographer

Abbie Korman - Photographer

Abbie Korman

Photographer Abbie Korman is a Norfolk native and resident of Virginia Beach. She is married to Rob and has two sons.

My favorite photograph is the abandoned house. I’m intrigued by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi…that everything is impermanent, imperfect, and incomplete …and I enjoy reflecting it in the photos I make.

I don’t know if it’s anything that is special about my process, but when I see something that draws me in like this house I spend some time getting a sense of the whole environment before I pick up my camera.

Most of the time the print is not the final product anymore. I discovered the photo transfer process (left) about six years ago and now transfer images onto other surfaces…tile, wood, fabric, and watercolor paper. It’s all done by hand, not computer.

Sometimes, I enhance images with paint, pencils and pastels.

Jodie Frieden - Sculptor

Jodie Frieden - Sculptor

Jodie Frieden

Jodie Frieden, sculptor, a Norfolk native and Virginia Beach resident, is married to Jack and has two daughters.

As illogical as it seems, when I am sculpting I move into another dimension of time and space. It is the medium of clay that grounds me. I love all the feelings that sculpting allows me to experience—the energy and excitement of being inspired, the intensity, as well as the tranquility of creating, and the satisfaction and even the sadness from a work’s completion. My sculptures speak to me and for me, emerging with a passion from my most authentic self.

I’ve been a perpetual student at MOCA for 25 years.

Ivor Kaplan - Painter

Ivor Kaplan - Painter

Ivor Kaplan

A native of South Africa, long-time resident of Norfolk, and a plastic surgeon, Ivor Kaplan is married to Susan and has three sons. His art takes myriad shapes in various mediums.

This is how I relax. I love trying to change 2D to 3D in any medium that is not limited by need for blood supply (as is a requirement in plastic surgery). Most of my work is Plastikos (from Greek word moldable or malleable, which reshapes flesh and is the basis for plastic surgery.) Portraits were painted several years ago; one is my younger sister, the other is my Dad. I try to paint using strong light and shade “chiaroscuro.”

David Cardon - Sculptor

David Cardon - Sculptor

David Cardon

David Cardon, a Tidewater native, lives in Virgina Beach with his wife Elyse and four chuldren. (see page 18).

I love to create a piece of pottery and then use a carving tool to really add character and design. I don’t always have a clear idea when I start a piece where it will end up. The piece with the crystal on top started off as a hand reaching out of the ground on a forearm. As I built it up, I changed my mind and made it more of an abstract standing figure with a neck and a relaxed posture.