A little politics, a little Talmud at recent YAD Men’s business lunch

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Other News

The first half hour, it was all about ultra-fast Internet and light rail. The second half hour, the discussion shifted to business ethics, fair competition, and the Jewish perspective on both.

That’s what young professionals found Tuesday, April 5 at a YAD men’s business lunch in Virginia Beach, hosted by David Calliott at his office, Davenport & Company.

Eighteen Jewish men in their 20s, 30s and 40s gathered around a conference table to hear Virginia Beach City Councilman Ben Davenport discuss the city’s quest for ultra-fast broadband Internet, the kind universities and research institutions need to remain competitive on the global stage.

Then, Boruch Danzinger from the Norfolk Kollel led a discussion on Jewish business ethics. Danzinger posed questions, asked how the group would respond and then gave the argument from the Talmud. For example:

A fellow doctor refers a patient to you for a second opinion of his diagnosis. After confirming the diagnosis, the patient expresses interest in your treating him rather than his original doctor. Do you accept him as a patient?

Throughout the lunch, everyone also networked and swapped business cards. The lunch is the third event of its kind this year that engages young Jewish men in a business- type setting.

At the first lunch, a representative from ESG, which manages the future Virginia Beach arena, gave an update on the project. Then, the group heard from Brad Weissman, a member of the community and executive vice president of hotel operations for Gold Key I PHR, on the status of The Main (hotel under construction in Downtown Norfolk) and renovations to The Cavalier Hotel at the Oceanfront.

More business lunches are on the way.

For information, contact Leah Abrams, YAD director, at 965-6127.