A “Super Day” is planned to take place at the Sandler Family Campus

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Trending News


Sunday, September 18

Sandler Family Campus, 11:30 am–4 pm

Some are calling it “Super Duper Sunday” because of all of the exciting activity planned for Sunday, September 18 at the Sandler Family Campus. With four events taking place, the phrase “Super Duper” is super appropriate.

Dedication of Marty Einhorn Pavilion

11:30 am–1 pm

The day’s festivities kick off with the dedication of the Marty Einhorn Pavilion with the Jimmy Masters Trio welcoming everyone starting at 11:30 am. The program and lunch begins at noon.

The 2,400-square-foot outdoor structure, which is adjacent to the basketball court on the rear lawn of the Sandler Family Campus, has a front and back patio, benches, picnic tables, and fans to help “beat the heat.” The pavilion has a comfortable seating capacity of 160 people. Lighting for evening events with power and WIFI make it flexible for a variety of uses, including dining, parties, and as it was used all summer, for camp activities.

Alvin Wall and Jeff Chernitzer, Einhorn’s long-time business partners and friends, are serving as the event’s co-chairs.

RSVP to Bobbie Wilcox at bwilcox@ujft.org or 757-965-6124.

Super Sunday Phone-a-Thon—
“Sign up and make a difference in your community!”

1–4 pm

The big day is almost here! United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s annual Super Sunday will reach out to the community to support Jews locally, nationally, and abroad. This exciting event will be held at the brand-new Marty Einhorn Pavilion.

Want to volunteer for Super Sunday? It’s not too late! Contact Matthew Kramer-Morning at 757-965-6136 or mkmorning@ujft.org.

Another way to help is to make an early commitment to the community by visiting JewishVA.org/Donate. To have a gift counted in the Super Sunday total, just write SUPER SUNDAY in the comments section of the donation form.

Donations made to the UJFT Annual Campaign are 100% tax deductible to the extent applicable by law (please consult a tax advisor).

Sunday Fun Day

1–4 pm

Complete with crafts, games, and activities with a focus on Tzdakah and giving back, Sunday Fun Day promises to provide lots of fun. Babysitting will be available for 45-minute slots so that parents can engage in Sunday Fun Day activities with their children, then step away to join Super Sunday under the beautiful new Marty Einhorn Pavilion and make calls. The event is free and open to the community, but registration is encouraged at jewishva.org/sundayfunday. For more information, contact ntrem@ujft.org or call 757-321-2334.

B’nai Tzedek

2–4 pm

The outdoor basketball court at the Sandler Family Campus will be the setting for Tidewater Jewish Foundation’s B’nai Tzedek’s Back to School gathering.

The B’nai Tzedek program is a partnership between parents, teens, and TJF that provides an opportunity to create a fund for Jewish charitable giving in the teen’s name.

“We look forward to giving the teens the space to gather together after the pandemic, explore their values, and build leadership skills,” says Naomi Limor Sedek, Tidewater Jewish Foundation president and CEO.

“Our teens join the Jewish community through their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. While they reach this milestone in their childhood, it is only the beginning of a lifelong journey of engagement,” says Limor Sedek.

During preparation for their B’nai Mitzvot, teens are asked to learn Tefilah, the prayers, and read from the Torah, as well as perform acts of Gimilut Chasadim, acts of loving kindness, through Mitzvah projects. “B’nai Tzedek is the tzedakah path of their journey into Jewish adulthood, preparing for a lifelong engagement with philanthropy,” says Limor Sedek.

B’nai Tzedek teaches young donors how to connect their values to philanthropy, to give thoughtfully, and how to lead their peers confidently in that philanthropic journey.

This is the first time this group has gotten together since the pandemic, so in addition to current Bnai Tzedeks, other teens are invited to join and learn about the program. Teens ages 13–18 are eligible to become B’nai Tzedeks.

For information on B’nai Tzedek, contact Naomi Limor Sedek, president and CEO, Tidewater Jewish Foundation, at 757‑965‑6109 or Nsedek@ujft.org.