Abbey Pachter’s “A Monarch in Winter” launches to rave reviews

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Trending News

Terri Denison
A Monarch in Winter, Abbey Pachter’s “Biography of a Butterfly” was celebrated at a book launch earlier this month.

The book details the life of a male monarch butterfly, which Pachter rescued from freezing when it was a caterpillar. Over the span of a few months, Pachter, who holds a PhD in professional nursing, finds a new routine, a new purpose, and a new friend through caring for the special new addition to her home.

Throughout the book’s 140 pages, Pachter weaves scientific insights and her perspective as a healthcare professional with what’s taking place in her own life (such as streaming Ohef Sholom Temple services), during the second winter of COVID-19, when she spotted the caterpillar outside in the cold.

Achieving a most unusual feat, A Monarch in Winter debuted on Amazon as #1 in nine categories. It is available for purchase on Amazon and at Ohef Sholom Temple’s gift shop.

Abbey Pachter, PhD, lives in Virginia Beach.