AJC plans meetings in Tidewater

by | Feb 10, 2017 | What’s Happening

With growing concerns about a secure Jewish future and respect for religious pluralism, AJC is a very busy global Jewish advocacy organization.

“AJC is the only organization having long-term strategic relationships with world leaders and opinion-makers around the world. They are the rare group that considers, and presents, all sides of an issue. Given the global world we live in, AJC serves as the ‘State Department for the Jewish people,’ and their work is vital to our collective Jewish future,” says Alan Wagner, AJC board member.

In 2016, AJC and its advocates helped halt funding to Hamas, and banned Hezbollah propaganda and anti-Semitic incitement at Europe’s largest anti-Israel rally. AJC brought influential leaders, including UN and UNESCO ambassadors, journalists and university presidents, on trips to Israel to experience the Jewish state firsthand.

This year, AJC launched its pioneering Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council. AJC is committed to combating bigotry in the U.S. and is collaborating with other religious and ethnic groups, and countries across six continents.

Alan Ronkin, director of AJC’s Washington Regional Office and Julia Crantz, assistant director of development, will hold meetings in Tidewater to share more about the opportunities for getting more involved with AJC. “We hope you will stand with us to marginalize extremism and anti-Semitism, defend Israel’s place in the world, and safeguard the freedoms and dignity of all people,” says Crantz.

To set up a time to learn more about AJC, e-mail Crantz at CrantzJ@ajc.org.