Amos Guiora visits Maury High School

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Other News

Amos Guiora visits Maury High School

Amos Guiora visits Maury High School

“Intriguingly fascinating,” Annie O’Donnell, a Maury High School junior says about Amos Guiora’s presentation to Maury’s Model U.N. Club on Monday, Sept. 24. An Israeli-American law professor, Guiora shared some of his experiences while working as IDF legal advisor to Gaza. He also shed light on the current situation in Syria.

“I learned more about world affairs and conflict resolution and about what he called ‘conflict maintenance’ in that hour than I have throughout the years in many of my history classes,” says Caitlin Harrah, a senior.

Turner LaBrie, a senior and Model U.N. president, says, “The insight provided by Mr. Guiora into the complexities of Middle Eastern policies and the purpose of the U.N. was both insightful and eye opening.”

Overall, students appreciated the insider knowledge that Guiora presented that they couldn’t learn from the news or mass media.

Guiora’s visit was coordinated by Elli Friedman, a Maury High School senior and a StandWithUs MZ teen intern, and Robin Mancoll, director of the Community Relations Council of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater in conjunction with Bryan Bennett of Maury High School’s Model U.N.

StandWithUS is an Israel advocacy organization that trains high school juniors and seniors to advocate for Israel by organizing programs in their communities.

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by Elli Friedman