And the winner is…. Mushky Brashevitzky

by | May 1, 2015 | Other News

Mushky Brashevitzky and Rabbi Loiterman.

Mushky Brashevitzky and Rabbi Loiterman.

Based on one of 12 facts, Mushky Brashevitzky’s design secured the most votes from the global, online voting community to win the Community Relations Council of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s third annual Israel Poster contest. Mushky chose the fact, ‘Israeli cows produce more milk per cow than almost any country in the world.’

The CRC invited Tidewater students in first through 12th grade to participate in their third annual Israel Poster Contest by illustrating one of 12 “cool facts” about Israel in a hand-made poster.

More than 150 posters were displayed in the Simon Family JCC Cardo at the Sandler Family Campus in March where the community was able to vote in person. The 10 with the most votes were selected as finalists and were put online for the global community to vote for their favorite.

Offering local students a chance to advocate for Israel by sharing these facts around the world, this contest also provides a way for people across the globe to participate in Israel advocacy.

Mushky Brashevitzky is a sixth grade student at Toras Chaim in Portsmouth, and an alumni of the Strelitz Early Childhood Center and Hebrew Academy of Tidewater. Her original artwork will be framed and permanently displayed at the Sandler Family Campus, along with past winners. It will be distributed at the community Israel Festival on Sunday, May 17.

When asked about his decision to have students at Toras Chaim create posters for the CRC’s annual contest, Rabbi Mordechai Loiterman, principal, says, “I was interested in the students participating in a project as part of the whole community. When we talk about Israel and the Jewish people, being part of a larger group really drives that lesson home.

“I think that it creates a deep sense of pride for the children to draw about how much Israel does. I don’t think that the students considered themselves likely to win, or that others would see their work. Now that they have had their vision seen by others, it can be empowering to them for the future.”

When asked what she learned from participating in the contest, Mushky says, “That Israeli cows produce more milk, and that you should try your hardest even if you think you can’t win.”

Mushky and all of Tidewater’s local artists deserve congratulations for producing great work and for spreading the “cool facts” about Israel.