Anita Daitch Parks

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Obituaries

MADISON/VIRGINIA BEACH—Anita Daitch Parks, age 92, passed away suddenly of a stroke, on Sept. 8, 2018 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. surrounded by her children, Dr. Barbara Parks (Mike Basto) of Virginia Beach, Dr. Richard Parks (Dr. Miriam) of Huntington Beach, Calif. and Dr. Roberta Parks of Boston.

She was born in and lived in Madison, until four years ago, when she moved to Virginia Beach to live with Barb and Mike. She was predeceased by her husband of 66 years, Dr. H. K. Parks, a beloved and dedicated physician in Madison, who retired at age 88. His passion for medicine and compassion for his patients inspired all three of their children to become doctors.

She is survived by her children; grandchildren (Dick and Miriam’s Tamar, Hadas, Moriah, Michal, Taliah, and Avraham Eliyahu and Roberta’s Ben and Molly); and more than 25 great grandchildren!

Anita lived her life with four doctors, but she was the healer of the family. She loved and took care of Hy throughout their long life together. She was a wonderful mother—loving, sweet, optimistic, generous, and a problem solver who always gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. She was so proud of her children’s and grandchildren’s accomplishments, and of what good human beings they had become.

Anita was a rare thing—an activist. Together with Hy, they were always leaders in the Jewish Federation in Madison. She devoted her entire life to her family, to Zionism, and to the survival of the Jewish people. She was on the national board of Hadassah, which she felt was the crowning achievement of her lifetime of activism. With her intelligence and creativity, she nurtured the commitment to Judaism and Israel within so many families in the Madison Jewish community. She founded the Hadassah consignment Obituaries shop Collector’s Corner, in Middleton, as a source of charitable contributions to Israel which is still in business contributing 42 years later.

Leaving friends and family, and her beloved Madison for Virginia was difficult. But she had a wonderful life living with Barb and Mike, and visiting often with Dick and Roberta. She had lovely affectionate caregivers from JFS of Tidewater, to whom we are so grateful. She ended every day with the statement “I’m living in the lap of luxury.”

She leaves an invaluable legacy of her rich, meaningful, treasured life. We thank her for providing strength and comfort to all of us. We’ll miss her and love her forever.

Contributions may be sent to Hadassah or the Jewish Federation of Madison, or JFS of Tidewater.