Appreciation for Sandlers’ work in Tidewater and Romania

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Letters, Other News

Dear Editor,

As the mother-in-law of a Romanian, Elena, I am very appreciative of the Sandlers’ work in Romania.

I’m a member of Ohef Sholom Temple and a relative newcomer to Hampton Roads (2011). We moved here after retiring to help care for our grand babies while Elena received her Ph.D. in math from ODU and our son was deployed on a Coast Guard cutter. They have moved on to other bases, but we love Norfolk and stayed on here.

In the years we’ve been here, we’ve learned about the great contributions the Sandlers make to the entire community, and I’m delighted that you (Annie Sandler) have also been active in helping Romanian Jews. I’ve been there a few times; my daughter-in-law’s family lives in Transylvania.

So, thank you, Annie, for all you do, and thank you, Terri, for all you do, too.

Elizabeth Murphy