Archiving Jewish News

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Other News

Those of you who honored me by being present at the book signing for Hal’s Navy, may recall that I committed the proceeds to the creation of The Jewish News Archival Project Fund.

Many in the community have shared my concern that the precious record of Jewish communal activity, some of which predates the creation of the Jewish Federation 75 years ago, may be lost to future generations as the ravages of oxidation takes its toll.

For the past three months I have been privileged to fund the talented effort of Shayna Horwitz in organizing the project and researching companies capable of digitizing and creating an interactive electronic library of the Jewish News in its various iterations over the years.

A candidate has been selected and a test project is underway.

I must now acknowledge the fact that the project will require between $23,000 and $30,000 (depending on the degree of sophistication selected), a level of support somewhat beyond my personal resources. Both the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater and the Tidewater Jewish Foundation are on board with this project and will help.

Please assist me by donating $500 to $1,000 to The Jewish News Archival Project Fund. An internal transfer from a donor advised fund can be easily facilitated by contacting the TJF office, but your check will be greatly appreciated.

As we continue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our Federation and the 30th anniversary of our Foundation, I hope you will agree that we owe it to ourselves to preserve this community treasure.

by Hal Sacks