Artists 4 Israel

by | May 3, 2019 | What’s Happening

On a wall separating Israel from Lebanon, Zabou of London painted this site specific piece on behalf of Artists 4 Israel. She found the perfect bit of tree peeking over the top of the wall and painted an Israeli girl planting and watering this symbol of peace from within Israel. The saddest and most ironic thing is that weeks later, Israel discovered terror tunnels dug right under this mural.

Leon Family Gallery, Reba and Sam Sandler Family Campus
May 2019

Artists 4 Israel, managed by Craig Dershowitz, executive director, is a group of artists from across the world.

Working with avant-garde artists in underrepresented art forms such as graffiti, street art, tattooing, streetwear, and toy design, Artists 4 Israel creates social change through real quality of life advancements, with the hopes of healing communities and people affected by conflict.

Photographs of various murals by Artists 4 Israel are on display. Read the amazing stories and preview the impactful art before engaging with Artists 4 Israel in a community art project at Israel Fest on May 19 at the Simon Family JCC.

Callah Terkeltaub

For more information on this exhibit and the Leon Family Gallery, visit or contact Callah Terkeltaub, Arts + Ideas manager, at CTerkeltaub@ujft.og.