Ask the Cantor: a popular event at Beth Sholom Village

by | Jan 18, 2020 | What’s Happening

Next session: Wednesday, February 12, 3 pm

Elihu Flax first studied to be a rabbi before becoming a Conservative-trained cantor. For the past 16 years, he has served in both roles as director of Religious Services at Beth Sholom Village.

Now, four times a year, residents of all faiths from both the Berger-Goldrich Health Care and Rehabilitation Center and Terrace Assisted Living, gather in the chapel to Ask the Cantor about Jewish rituals and customs.

On a recent weekday afternoon, Cantor Flax was peppered with questions about the Jewish holidays (no, Hanukkah is not a major “holy” festival – but it’s nonetheless important, and yes, Passover is like Fourth of July because it celebrates freedom for the ancient Israelites), as well as other topics. For instance, “does God hear our prayers when we’re alone?” “Absolutely,” said Cantor Flax.

If any attendee wondered whether it’s too late to learn Hebrew, Flax reminded them that Rabbi Akiba didn’t do so until age 40.