Be mindful of reactions to the market

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

Janet W. Mercadante

Is this time different? While those of us who have been investing for decades have experienced many tumultuous markets, each and every time volatility strikes, so does fear.

I’ve learned a lot about investor behavior through the years, and I know how closely emotion is tied to our money. The challenge lies in the fact that we don’t make our best decisions when guided by our emotions.

Confirmation bias also plays a big part in how we react to the way the markets move. We look for good news that reinforces up markets, and we grab on to negative news as the markets fall.

It’s very difficult to keep perspective as you see your account balances drop. And yet…the market was buoyed by the December jobs numbers that far exceeded expectations. Workers’ wages are accelerating. There is some good news out there that belies all the pessimism and fear. There will always be headwinds (areas of concern) as well as tailwinds (areas of optimism) as we look toward the future and try to anticipate the direction of the markets. While short-term prognostications are sometimes a lucky guess, we remain confident in the long-term growth of the markets.

Is this time different? Time will tell, but we don’t think so.

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By Janet W. Mercadante