Be part of the largest human flag of Israel ever in Tidewater at Israel Fest

by | Apr 9, 2018 | What’s Happening

Sunday, April 22, 2:30 pm

You have seen them at big football games and concerts, stock car races, and patriotic festivals—“card stunts”—with regular folks holding up colored material to form words, numbers, and symbols.

Now it’s Tidewater’s turn.

During Israel Fest, behind the Simon Family JCC, every willing person (teens and adults preferred), will stand on a well-marked 1,000-square-foot grid on the soccer field, and when cued, will hold up a blue or white card and face a camera, 40 feet above the crowd.

What the lens will see is a perfect (hopefully) representation of Israel’s flag.

The idea was local (in honor of Israel’s 70th birthday), but experts from Kivett Productions in Orlando are being imported to put down string and survey markers. When participants arrive at the field, captains will line everyone up by height in very straight rows and columns for the big reveal.

“We do about 30 shows a year,” Joe Kivett, owner of Kivett Productions says, “from small corporate events to Super Bowls with 70,000 people in the seats. And it always comes off great.”

How many cardholders are needed? “Let’s just say hundreds, but why not be here?” says Melissa Eichelbaum, who is helping produce the stunt for the Simon Family JCC. “It’s a chance to be part of something bigger than yourself. While you might personally be holding one single card, collectively, we will make a statement by proudly showing our support for the State of Israel. With pictures and videos to look back on for years to come, you won’t want to miss out on this fun and interactive way to celebrate!”

Younger kids will have a role, but Eichelbaum says to create symmetry, as many full-grown young and older adults are needed as possible. She also suggests wearing a white shirt, and to be on time.

Joel Rubin