Beth Sholom becomes a home away from home for Shabbat

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Other News

Stanley Peck loves Shabbat, looking forward to sundown every Friday. He loves everything about it. He loves the prayers, the food, honoring God, and of course, being with his family.

Peck recently had a bit of a challenge. He was at Beth Sholom Village for about a week receiving physical therapy for a new hip. The week in rehab included a Friday night. How would he honor the Sabbath in the way he wanted?

Not in his own home, he was, however, in Beth Sholom’s home and the team pulled together to give him a Shabbat dinner that would allow him to continue his traditions. Stan Riddick, dietary manager, consulted with Nancy, Peck’s wife, who communicated what was important in preparing the many rituals. Peck invited family and friends to gather around the table in the Glasser Conference room, which was set with white linens and beautiful flowers.

Before bringing in Shabbat, Peck allowed for a few pictures. Once the candles were lit, the Sabbath began. Beth Sholom’s home had becomes his.

Beth Sholom Village is a constituent agency of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

by Marcia Brodie