Beth Sholom Village and Beth Sholom Richmond create home health entity

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Other News

A joint venture between Beth Sholom Village (BSV) and Beth Sholom Richmond (BSR), Generations Home Health is designed to fill the gap in care once a resident leaves a facility and heads home.

“We like to know how a Rehab resident fares once they return to their home environment,” says David Abraham, CEO of Beth Sholom Village.

Generations Home Health communicates with nursing and rehab staff at BSV and BSR as needed regarding progress and any changes in the patients’ status.

“We give exceptional care and prepare people to go back home and safely acclimate into their everyday lives. We want our discharged residents to know they can call us anytime they have questions, but more importantly, we call them at various intervals to check on their progress. Now that we have Generations Home Health, that gap is even smaller,” says Abraham.

Generations Home Health is available to anyone, not just residents within the two facilities. In fact, referrals from area physicians are already taking place. Generations covers all of Tidewater, and up through and including Richmond and surrounding counties.

Nina Turner, MPT, WCC, Generations administrator, says she is excited about the level of care it can provide. The director of Rehab at Beth Sholom Village for more than 16 years, Turner says she is is keenly aware of the importance of the continuum of care. “The feedback we have received so far (as of this writing the caseload is more than 55 patients) is outstanding. People are enjoying the personalized attention they are receiving and family members feel their loved ones are being well taken care of and benefiting from the services.

Generations provides skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Call 804-421-5270 or 866- 205-0045 for information.