Beth Sholom Village easily passes inspection

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Other News

Five state surveyors walked into Beth Sholom Village’s The Berger Goldrich Home unannounced for an annual state survey earlier this month. The three-day inspection of The Home received three minor isolated tags (deficiencies). The average number of tags for a comparable facility in Virginia is 10.

During the inspection, each area of The Berger-Goldrich Home was scrutinized. The surveyors exam the dietary department and observed the nursing team, which includes nurses and CNAs. Environmental services, social workers, and activities staff, are all part of the inspection.

The outstanding outcome of this inspection is a result of exceptional teamwork under the leadership of Rebecca Moralez, RN, administrator, Heather Thomas, RN, director of nursing, and Nancy Rose, assistant director of nursing.

“Beth Sholom Village’s dedicated staff work diligently every day to create the highest quality of care for our residents,” says David R. Abraham, BSV chief executive officer.