Beth Sholom Village gets vaccinated

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Trending News

Just like the rest of the world, Beth Sholom Village had been waiting. Waiting for what all hoped would be the answer to the devastating COVID-19 virus. The answer came in the form of a shot that takes about 30 seconds.

Then, three weeks later, a second shot.

On January 2 and January 23 at BSV, 15 CVS pharmacists walked into the building ready to administer the first and second round of shots. BSV’s internal team—department heads, administrators, and nursing staff organized, planned, and executed two very successful COVID-19 vaccine clinics. After the second clinic was complete, approximately 80% of the staff had taken the vaccine, and 99% of the residents were vaccinated.

Two more clinics were added on February 13 and March 6 to allow additional staff and new hires to receive the vaccine.

When all was said and done, BSV took a collective sigh of relief. While this does not stop the pain and suffering that has been endured, it does offer hope—hope that is very much needed.

– Marcia Futterman Brodie