Beth Sholom Village holds annual meeting

by | Jul 12, 2013 | Other News

David Abraham and Ellyn Saren.

David Abraham and Ellyn Saren.

The evening of Thursday, June 20 began at Beth Sholom Village with drinks and appetizer’s prepared by The Village Caterers in honor of the Village’s annual meeting.

The ceremony included many highlights. Neil Friedeman bid farewell to the board as president and assisted in giving awards and welcoming new board members. Awards included the Distinguished Service award presented to Judge Jerry Friedman; the Lifetime Achievement award to Dr. Jerome and Pansy Perlman; and the Presidents award to Gail Brickhouse, director of Environmental Services. Vergie McCall was also recognized as The Volunteer of the Year, an award she received earlier in the month.

The board welcomed in two new board members: Randi Strelitz and Jay Kossman.

Ellyn Saren was installed as the president of Beth Sholom Village. “It’s not often—maybe too infrequent—that we discuss our faith. But I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be connected to an organization that works in such a manner, on behalf of all of us,” said Saren as she took the helm.

“The Jewish religion teaches that you want to strive to achieve something greater than yourself and that is why I joined the BSV board several years ago.”