Beth Sholom Village, local schools, and synagogues partner to honor fathers and mothers

by | Jan 22, 2018 | What’s Happening

Second Annual Kahbaid weekend includes spiritual, interactive, educational, and entertaining salutes to parents

February 2–4

Honor Your Father and Mother.
Number five of the Top 10 Commandments, it is read and studied first each year in the Torah in the Sedrah Yitro (Chapter 20 of Exodus).

This year, the reading will be on the weekend of February 2–4. Across Hampton Roads, synagogues and schools will emphasize that dictate, with Beth Sholom Village, the area’s only Jewish senior care campus, adding a unique event of its own that Sunday.

Here’s the lineup:

Friday, Feb. 2
Temple Sinai, Newport News
Marcia Brodie, Beth Sholom Village marketing director, will speak about how Beth Sholom cared for her parents, Ralph and Mindy Futterman, both founders and past presidents of the organization. Services begin at 7:30 pm with Oneg and program to follow.

Ohef Sholom Temple, Norfolk
Chris Kraus, education director will deliver a sermon entitled “Vayishma Yitro —And Jethro Listened.” Jethro was Moses’ father in law, says Kraus, “and the idea that we can be, and are indeed, related to elders who did not birth us is noteworthy.” The synagogue will also recognize teens that have participated in the Better Together project with Beth Sholom Village, and one of the students will speak. Services begin at 6:30 pm.

Saturday, Feb. 3
Temple Israel, Norfolk
Joel Rubin, past president, will lead an interactive discussion during services called “Wisdom of the Ageless.” The goal, says Rubin, is to have congregants talk about what they learned from their parents and grandparents and what they passed on to their own children.

B’nai Israel, Norfolk
Rabbi Alexander Haber will speak about the older generation during his sermon. Also B’nai will feature the topic in the weekly handout and in a flyer to students.

Congregation Beth El, Norfolk
Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz will share a light look at aging with a presentation entitled, “Old Jews Telling Jokes (the web series) —Not Just Hysterical, but Priceless,” and the synagogue will recognize many of its more veteran members with honors in the service.

Temple Emmanuel, Virginia Beach
Rabbi Marc Kraus will focus on “Moral Dilemmas in Elder Care,” based on a Midrash that states, “At Mount Sinai, God appeared to the Israelites as a mirror, and each face that looked saw itself reflected back.”

KBH (Kempsville Conservative Synagogue), Virginia Beach
David Proser will talk about rabbinic teachings derived from the 5th Commandment. Rodef Shalom, Newport News Rabbi Gilah Dror will talk about Beth Sholom Village’s unique contributions to the care of the elderly in Tidewater.

Sunday, Feb. 4
Beth Sholom Village
As the finale to Kahbaid Weekend, Beth Sholom Village will give the community a glimpse of what to expect when The A’Bisl Theater (“Music, Comedy and Stageplays with a Jewish Twist!”) debuts in the fall.

Under the direction of Madi Rossettini, a veteran producer and director, and a member of Temple Israel, more than a dozen local performers from both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities will present a one hour musical and comedy performance called “De Mommas and De Poppas,” a tribute to parents. The show begins at 2 pm in the Pincus Paul room and will be followed by a dessert reception.

Highlights will be several Tevyes (Andrew Fink, Richard Yanku, David Cardon, David Proser, Larry Tiger, and Elihu Flax) singing If I Were a Rich Man and Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof as well as performances of Cole Porter’s My Heart Belongs to Daddy and If Momma Were Married from Gypsy. Others in the cast include Susan Sussman, Dylan Cohen, Beverlee Tiger, Jennifer Peters, Cheryl Bernath, Rona Hyman, Tommy and Abbie McGuinness, and Alexa Rossettini.

Admission is free.

Saturday, Feb. 10
Adath Jeshrun, Newport News
During his monthly visit to AJ, Rabbi Gershon Litt will speak on the topic.

Local Jewish Schools
Hebrew Academy of Tidewater and Strelitz Early Childhood Education Center will stage Tu B’ Shevat Sederim on Wednesday, Jan. 31, just before Kahbaid Shabbat, and will incorporate the message of honoring parents.

Toras Chaim’s middle school students will pay a visit to Beth Sholom as part of its Better Together program, an interactive initiative with the senior care facility’s residents.

BINA High School will send a letter to all parents and grandparents, expressing its appreciation for their involvement in their offspring’s education and tying that into the 5th Commandment.