Beth Sholom Village’s Biennial Meeting marks milestone in vision for future

Beth Sholom Village hosted its biennial meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 16, setting the stage for the organization’s transformative journey in healthcare for Jewish seniors in Hampton Roads. The event celebrated the non-profit’s rich history, as well as marked a significant step forward with a re-branding effort, new strategic vision, and installation of new board members and executive committee.

The atmosphere at the event was nothing short of inspiring with stakeholders, community leaders, and supporters gathered to celebrate the past successes of Beth Sholom Village – including the recent sale of the College Park campus, previous home of the organization for more than 40 years.

Larry Siegel, immediate past chairman of the board, said, “Beth Sholom Village was in a position to even consider this move because of the innumerable people and organizations who have sustained us throughout our journey.” Siegel thanked decades of supporters and emphasized the importance of the endowment and Foundation in charting Beth Sholom Village’s future.

One of the meeting’s highlights was the introduction of an updated Strategic Vision, as well as new projects that underscore Beth Sholom Village’s dedication to providing cutting-edge and comprehensive healthcare solutions. These initiatives, including the upcoming Aviva Pembroke community and co-managing the Dozoretz Hospice House with Westminster Canterbury, reflect BSV’s commitment to excellence and demonstrate a proactive approach to addressing the challenges and opportunities of the future.

David Abraham, president & CEO, remarked, “The points of this Jewish star serve as our compass. The projects and programs that we seek, that we develop, that we embark on, will tie back to these focal points – at least one, if not two or three in most cases. This is our guidebook to ensure we are meeting our goals of Delivering More Care to More Seniors over More Years.”

The re-branding and new logo are part of a broader plan that positions Beth Sholom Village as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of healthcare for seniors in Hampton Roads. The organization is embracing a forward-thinking approach to meet the evolving needs of the community over the next 40 years. In this new look, the golden hues represent generosity and compassion, symbolizing the community’s generosity and continued compassion for seniors. The dark blue signifies a deep commitment to Jewish values and traditions. Though not obvious at first glance, the flower is an abstract Star of David, representing the evolution of Beth Sholom Village growing toward the future.

The sense of community and unity at the event was palpable, with participants expressing enthusiasm for the positive changes ahead.

Jay Kossman, newly installed chairman of the board said, “This is the dawning of a new era for Beth Sholom Village. With the sale of the Berger Goldrich and Terrace facilities in College Park, we are entering a period of innovation, collaboration, and opportunity. Our upcoming opening of Aviva Pembroke in the fall of 2024 will signify a visible transformation and demonstrate how we will be able to deliver more services for more people for more years. I am proud to be a part of this exciting journey helping Beth Sholom Village chart its new course.”

The successful biennial meeting celebrated the past and laid a solid foundation for a future characterized by innovation, compassion, and a steadfast dedication to the well-being of the community’s seniors.

Beth Sholom Village Board of Directors, 2024-2025.
Beth Sholom Village Board of Directors, 2024-2025.

Beth Sholom Village Board of Directors

  • Jay Kossman, Chairman of the Board
  • Fay Silverman, 1st Vice Chair
  • Mark Delevie, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Jason Hoffman, 3rd Vice Chair
  • Matthew Weinstein, Secretary
  • Robert Zuckerman, Treasurer
  • Larry Siegel, Immediate Past Chairman
  • Edie Schlain, Auxiliary President
  • Nathan Drory, Terrace President
Larry Siegel, immediate past chairman; David Abraham, president & CEO; Jay Kossman, chairman.

New Board Members

  • Anne Kramer
  • Joel Nied

New Honorary Life Board Member

  • Robert Lansing

Returning Board Members

  • Josh Adler
  • Abby Friedman
  • Pam Guthrie
  • Nancy Loewenberg
  • Mary Prendergast
  • Sara Jo Rubin
  • Chris Sisler
  • Lawrence Steingold