BINA hosts its first Grandparents & Grandfriends Day

by | May 2, 2014 | Other News

A meaningful and unique program to allow students to connect with their Jewish heritage, their community and to strengthen relationships across the generations, BINA High School held its first Grandparents & Grandfriends Day on Monday, March 10. It was also an opportunity to honor grandparents and other seniors who play special roles in their lives.

The morning began with a breakfast for students and their guests. Debbie Wilson, event coordinator, welcomed everyone; Shira Rubin, BINA principal, spoke of the importance of the special bond between grandparents and teenagers; and Malka Edery, a ninth grade student, spoke about the festival of Purim and related stories about her grandmother, of blessed memory, who gladly welcomed Jewish travelers visiting Madrid, Spain for Shabbos meals.

The grandparents and grandfriends joined the BINA students for a class taught by Racheli Tessler on the intricacies of the Purim story. After a tour of the school and the impressive display of student artwork, it was time to bake. Students and guests worked together to make and bake delicious hamentaschen.

Prior to the event, the guests were asked to prepare a few words about a favorite high school class and to offer some sagely advice. The result was a wealth of instructive and humorous anecdotes, as well as words of wisdom and encouragement. Grandfather to student Miriam Wilson, Dr. Robert Nochimson told the students about his enjoyment of high school history classes. He also advised the students to plan for the future, but to keep their options open, as one never knows where life may lead them.

The event concluded with a trip to the student-made “photo booth” where pictures were taken of the BINA girls and their guests. The grandparents and grandfriends left with a plateful of hamentaschen and a morning filled with memories.