BINA on the go!!!!

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Other News

December was a very busy month for BINA High School students. While many students are enrolled in dual curriculum college courses with Virginia Wesleyan University and were occupied with their heavy course load, this did not stop them from enjoying additional extra-curricular activities.

Several BINA students volunteer on Shabbos afternoon with a national program known as Bnos. The Bnos program allows elementary girls to interact with high school students and enjoy valuable time with these role models. BINA students are teaching the younger students the proper use of speech through games, stories, songs, and lessons. Bnos leaders joined up with 400 Jewish high school girls from across the country in Chicago for an exciting three-day convention. These students returned inspired and ready to volunteer more of their time with the younger girls.

The students also had a wonderful time celebrating Hanukkah. They listened to uplifting lectures from their teachers and a community rabbi. Plus, the students had a beautiful Hanukkah Chagiga (party) at the Ghent Village Clubhouse. What makes BINA High School so special is the respect the students have for their teachers. In fact, the teachers who encourage the students on a daily basis are always included in school parties.

-Marcy Mostofsky