BINA’s royal evening

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Other News

The girls of BINA High School presented “An Evening of Royalty” at Bnai Israel Congregation on Sunday, Nov. 17.

The program, coordinated and directed by Chayale Lefkowitz, focused on the meaning of God’s kingship and what it means to be a subject in His kingdom. More than 100 women came out for an evening of fine food, art and theatre.

In preparation for this event, the students researched different aspects of royalty and created banners about what they learned. These artistic displays were created using many different types of media, including stained glass, wax, wood and sequins. The girls’ artwork was used to form the base of a 10-foot high crown, which was the focal point of the room.

Between each dinner course, which was prepared entirely by the students, there were brief performances of drama, dance and choir. Shira Rubin, the newly installed principal of BINA, spoke about Chanukah and how the Macabees’ relentless search for pure oil for the Menorah was an expression of their loyalty to God.

The girls’ creativity, expressed in so many different ways, made this a most memorable evening. The students’ artwork was on display at the Simon Family JCC until Dec. 3.