B’nai Israel to host Ann Zukerman Memorial Scholar-in-Residence, Moe Mernick

by | Jun 7, 2019 | What’s Happening

Friday, June 14–Saturday, June 15

Ann Zukerman’s appreciation for Torah lectures and tasteful events inspired her family—under the leadership of Herb Zukerman—to initiate an annual Scholar-in-Residence program in her memory. The idea is to bring high quality speakers to the community to address timely topics through the lens of both Jewish thought and professionalism.

This year’s speaker is acclaimed author and speaker, Moe Mernick, founder and CEO of Winfluencers, an early-stage startup that empowers micro-influencers to monetize their passion. Mernick previously served as the head of business development for Hometalk, Strategy Consultant for Deloitte, and as regional director for the Lauder Foundation. Mernick holds an MBA and semichah and published his first book, The Gift of Stuttering in 2016. He also teaches a Daf Yomi shiur, produces inspirational videos for Aish.com, and lectures to audiences worldwide. Mernick lives in Israel with his wife and children. His website is www.moemernick.com.

Mernick’s topics over the weekend will include: “The Gift of Challenges: My personal story of embracing my stutter and discovering true happiness,” “Epic Encounters: How hitchhiking across America transformed my outlook on prayer,” and a Friday morning session with the Society of Jewish Professionals, “Vision, Mission & Passion: Lessons from top entrepreneurs that will help you lead a more successful life—both personally and professionally.”

On Friday night, a catered Shabbos dinner in honor of Ann Zukerman will take place for $60 per person.

For more information or to make reservation, contact Rabbi Gavriel Rudin at 757-386-3274 or email gavriel.rudin@bnaiisrael.org or visit www.bnaiisrael.org/scholar-in-residence.