B’nai Israel’s 75th Anniversary Celebration with Chazzan Simcha Leiner

by | Dec 9, 2021 | What’s Happening

Shabbos: Friday, January 14–Saturday, January 15

Services begin at 8:45 am followed by a Gala Kiddush at noon

To celebrate the congregation’s 75th anniversary, B’nai Israel is planning an awe-inspiring and memorable Shabbos featuring world renowned singer and Chazzan Simcha Leiner.

Since 2008, Simcha Leiner has been a sought after Jewish music star. After releasing his breakout single Kol Berama, he reached international critical acclaim garnering millions of views on his many YouTube videos and releasing eight albums.

In November 2016, Leiner embarked on the most ambitious show of the decade, performing his greatest hits to a sold-out crowd in Odessa Ukraine. They were joined by a 62-piece symphony orchestra. ​

Leiner has traveled the world bringing his unique range and energy to simchos and events. He also leads the tfillos at shuls and hotel programs multiple times a month.

In addition to experiencing the remarkable voice of Chazzan Leiner, share memories, reminisce, and honor 75 years of remarkable resilience and growth at the center of Norfolk’s Orthodox community.

Check www.bnaisrael.org or call the office at 757-627‑7358 for more information.