Brian Wolfe

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Obituaries

Manchester, United Kingdom —A man of understated brilliance, warmth and compassion, who was respected and admired by everyone who knew him, Brian Wolfe passed away on Saturday, Nov. 7.

His passing leaves a huge hole in the family he loved, but his legacy of loyalty and love will stay with us forever. His humility meant that few people knew the enormity of his achievements in education, business and life. He taught and studied for his entire life, ran multi-national companies and supported multiple causes in the UK and Israel. But it was his family that mattered the most to him. He would have simply said, “I’m a husband to Joy (The Management), a father to Naomi, David and Laura, a father-in-law to Jonny, Helen and Anthony, a brother to Terry, a grandpa to Ben, Gilad, Danit, Jemma, Sophie, Natan and Sami and uncle to Benita, Joe and Marc.”

The world lost a gentle man and a gentleman. We lost our hero.

The funeral took place in Manchester.