Business in the Jewish Community

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Trending News

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Business can be very personal, despite the famous phrase from The Godfather. (You know the one…‘it’s not personal, it’s strictly business.’)

In fact, business is often very personal. That’s what Lisa Richmon learned when she spoke to Josh Leibowitz and Avidan Itzhak about their return to Tidewater to join their families’ businesses. Leibowitz joined his dad’s dental practice and Itzhak is managing a segment of his parents’ staffing business. Their interviews begin on page 18.

Business was personal to Aaron Feurestein, known as the Mensch of Malden Mills. He paid his workers even after his factory burned. An article on page 36 recalls his gracious life.

Carin Simon penned a piece about the Entrepreneurship and Business Academy at Kempsville High School on page 24. Her article focuses on some of the Strelitz International Academy graduates who attend the business-oriented school. They may be teens, but they’ll be prepared for the business world sooner than most.

Who knew there was a National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum? Phil Sklar noticed that none existed, so with a friend’s help, he’s managed to open such a place in Milwaukee. Page 22.

At Jewish News, we regard our advertisers as personal friends. We hope you’ll do the same and consider their businesses when you’re in the market for jewelry, printing needs, new employees, and financial, insurance, and legal advice, as well as if you’re simply looking for a place dine.

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