Bye, Bye Boychik at Temple Israel

by | Apr 26, 2012 | Other News

It was a night to remember. The congregation laughed, cried and wept.
Purim night at Temple Israel featured talented Megillah readers and a troupe of young Purim players who spoke in “Fakespearean prose.”
The adults offered a creative interpretation of the Book of Esther in Bye Bye Boychik, a takeoff of Bye Bye Birdie. From the Shpiel itself to the few frenetic rehearsals, the program was a completely collaborative experience.
Jody Mazur was the show’s producer, and Bob Seltzer was chief lyricist. Other writers included Rabbi Michael Panitz, Phil Walzer and the entire Purim Shpiel troupe: Cheryl Dronzek, Bobbie Fisher, Robyn Friedman, Bonnie Gordon-Rabinowitz, Darva Gruber, Seth Klein, Jody Mazur, Lauren Moscovitz, Ruth Ann Moscovitz, Lyna Raschdorf, Jo Lisa Rosenblum, Gizella Wade, Milcah Wade, Richard Yanku and Valerie Yanku.