Last call for Israel stories

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Other News

As you’ve probably heard by now, Israel turns 70 years old in April.

To commemorate this milestone, the April 9 issue of Jewish News will feature all things Israel, including articles about the tiny nation’s beginning, it’s technological, medical, agricultural, and art achievements and contributions to the world, as well as Tidewater’s role throughout its relatively young life.

Many of these articles we have or can source from the Hal Sacks Jewish News Archives. What we need from you, our readers, are your personal stories, memories, anecdotes, and photographs. Do you remember your or your family’s reaction to the declaration of Israel’s statehood? When was your first visit? What about any trip that was particularly impactful, inspiring, or just plain fun? What did you do, here, in Tidewater to help promote and preserve Israel, maybe during one of its difficult wars?

If you are willing to share, please email or mail your story (100–200 words) or photograph to: or Jewish News, 5000 Corporate Woods Drive, Virginia Beach, VA, 23462 by Wednesday, March 28.

We will use as many stories as possible, and if the paper runs out of room, we’ll include some on our website. Thank you in advance for sharing!

Terri Denison, Editor