Calling for a “Do-Over!”

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Other News

“Do-over, do-over!” Many remember hearing or exclaiming this as a child at recess when a game was not fair, not conclusive, or maybe not to someone’s liking. At times, the need for a “do-over” was obvious and agreed upon, while other times merely uttering the phrase could devolve into a conflict. Having a “do-over” shifted the focus of the activity to the immediate present. What occurred before was forgotten and the concerns shifted to solving the problem. It was only later, after the game, that the children would pack up, head home, and think about what they could have done better.

The opportunity for a “do-over” and reflection is for everybody, not just for children. Aside from any potential regret from the initial occurrence, there is no telling when or if a similar situation might take place again. Have we gained enough wisdom from previous experiences? What similarities between past and current situations can help us improve? How have we grown since the first “do-over,” and what can we see and do differently this time?

The opportunity for a “do-over” is overwhelmingly positive, giving individuals and groups the chance to build upon previous actions or reflect on growing and doing better.

At Camp JCC, the staff encourages campers to step back and try again, to be a good friend, to get better at new skills, and to reflect on how they can grow as the summer days continue.

By virtue of being a seasonal program, Camp JCC is afforded the chance to have a “do-over” every year. During the autumn months, the camp team asks themselves what went well and what they can improve upon when preparing for the next summer. Some of the “do-overs” are routine annual tasks, others are program or efficiency enhancements, and still others come after reflecting as a team and strategizing ways to strengthen the Camp JCC program.

This period of evaluation and reflection facilitates a much larger “do-over,” the first day of summer camp. Every summer at Camp JCC is an opportunity for “do-overs” of fun with friends, new experiences, and for personal growth for campers, camp families, and staff. Having the time to reflect upon the journey, plan for the future, and strengthen the community through Camp JCC is a year-long process and an incredible opportunity that Camp leadership looks forward to year after year.

To learn more about Camp JCC or to hear about year-round opportunities for teens in the community, contact Dave Flagler, director of Camp and Teen Engagement, at or 757-452-3182.

Dave Flagler