Camp JCC 2021: Much more than fun!

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Featured

This summer, Camp JCC provided consistency and happiness—what campers so desperately needed after a difficult year. Campers were able to be kids again,
counselors were able to role model while showing off their silly side, and families had a sense of routine and normalcy that wasn’t so available last year.

With many families registering for additional weeks throughout the summer, it was clear that kids just couldn’t get enough of the pool, popsicles, friends, and fun. Campers who attended school virtually last year, flourished surrounded by new friends. As one camper was overheard saying as she walked out of camp, “This was the best summer ever! I want to go all next summer. Mom, wait! I don’t want to wait until next summer to see all of my new friends!”

Good news for this particular camper, as well as for other children anxious to see their camp friends again: the Simon Family JCC is already planning plenty of children and family programming throughout the year.

For more information about Camp JCC’s summer camp and year-round programming, or to get on the list for early bird rates, visit or contact Dave Flagler, director of Camp and Teen Engagement, at or 757-452-3182.

-Sierra Lautman