Camp JCC scores big with campers

by | Jul 12, 2013 | Other News

Jody Bartel and Hannah Mancoll

Jody Bartel and Hannah Mancoll

Earning rave reviews from campers and their parents, there’s still time to register for Camp JCC to take advantage of all that it has to offer, including overnights, field trips and good ole simple summer fun.

After a recent overnight and a great day of camp, Hannah Mancoll and Jody Bartel, both nine years old, say that the best things about camp are the overnight, popsicles at the end of each day, good field trips and nice kids.

The two girls also give the staff high praise, noting that Jill Sava, camp director, offers terrific activities to choose from and that Erika Eshkenazi, assistant camp director, planned a great overnight with swimming and flashlight tag. They credit Chris Fenley with being “funny and making us love athletics” and that he should be “a talk show host.” The girls also say that Carlyn Goldstein “is super energetic and makes everything fun, even clean up time.”

These two campers plan to return for multiple weeks of camp.

Hannah’s mother, Robin Mancoll, praises Camp JCC. “It did exactly what I’d hoped,” she says. “Hannah is now interested in Jewish camps, and we’ll even explore Jewish sleep away camp for next year. It’s great my kids can choose a week here or there at Camp JCC during the summer.”

So that every Jewish child who wants to be a part of Camp JCC can participate, the Simon Family JCC has partnered with United Jewish Federation of Tidewater to provide scholarships for the remainder of the summer.

The last day of camp is August 9, but Camp JCC’s Summer Extension allows children to continue the summer fun August 12–30. Visit or call 321-2303 for more information.

The Simon Family JCC is a constituent agency of United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

by Leslie Shroyer