by | Mar 6, 2015 | Other News

Dear Readers,

Summer Camp has a way of impacting campers and counselors in a way, I believe, that only they truly understand. So many children can’t wait to return each year, and the same goes for the staff and counselors.

A perfect example of the phrase, “you can take the kid out of camp, but you can’t take the camp out of the kid,” is found in our article about an attorney turned camp owner. This successful Manhattan litigator traded his skyscraper view for a mountain view because he always wanted to work in a camp. Instead of simply switching jobs, two years ago he and his wife started their own camp. It’s an interesting story on many levels.

We have one article on a topic that is probably as old as camp, but is only recently being addressed by professionals: how camps deal with teen sexuality. Programs are being developed and implemented to address campers’ romantic relationships by a variety of organizations. This is an important subject.

Betsy Karotkin and Rabbi Jeremy Bunn Ruberg, both former camp staff members, share some of their favorite memories from their respective camps. You can just see them smile when you read their pieces.

Of course we also have our annual Camp Guide, highlighting camp options— particularly from our advertisers.

Just for fun, on page 24, you’ll find a photograph from JCC Day Camp at Spotswood Ave. in Norfolk. What we don’t have is a caption identifying the campers. If you know any of those young faces (or perhaps one is yours!), please contact us:, 757-965-6132 or through our facebook page, to help identify everyone.

For those getting kids ready for camp, we hope this section offers some ideas, for those who no longer attend camp, we hope you enjoy the memories, and for everyone else, thanks for reading!

Terri Denison