Career Day at Toras Chaim

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Other News

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, Toras Chaim converted its auditorium into a job fair for the school’s Career Day. Several stations were set up with local business people and professionals volunteering to share the highlights of their professions and the importance of getting an education to make those careers happen.

The presenters represented an array of career paths.

Students had the opportunity to learn about Homeland Security, for example, from Michael Arsenault who works for TSA at the airport, and the anatomy of eyes from Dr. Earl Pollock, an area optometrist for more than 40 years. While learning how to make sushi from Rabbi Sholom Markman (Sushi on a Roll), the children understood that measurement becomes an important skill in the food industry.

Kevin Lefcoe had the students’ attention while he talked about a career in real estate development and the importance of higher-level math. Dr. Stephen Konikoff of Konikoff Family Dentistry had Michelle Jarrett gift the children with a bag of fun activities to teach about proper dental hygiene.

Rabbi Sender Haber of B’nai Israel, enthralled the students as he discussed the historic and contemporary roles of a rabbi. He showed them some of the books that reflect rabbinic scholarship in Norfolk, kosher and non-kosher Mezuzahs, an embosser for official documents, a report card from a young man that Rabbi Borensteion sent to yeshiva many years ago, as well as a telegram that was delivered to the shul.

It was hard to tell who enjoyed the afternoon more—the students or the presenters. Clearly, everyone left the afternoon learning something new.

Andie Pollock