Celebrating an Evening of the Arts

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Other News

Art plays a critical role in developing a child’s creativity, discovery and learning processes. A form of expression, art gives students the opportunity to take risks, experience beauty on many different levels and share something personal about themselves.

Each year, Hebrew Academy of Tidewater celebrates creativity with an Evening of the Arts, showcasing the musical, artistic, and dramatic talents of its students. The highly anticipated affair is one in which students and faculty spend weeks preparing and ultimately deliver extraordinary results in front of a packed audience of family and friends.

When the curtain rose on Thursday, Feb. 27, several strings and recorder performances, including solos by Kaylah Walker, Noah Alper and Danial Watts on the violin and Leo Kamer on the recorder took place. The fourth and fifth grade drama club followed with a performance of Village of Fools, a play based on the stories of Chelm —the most famous and hilarious town known in Jewish folklore. It was evident that students had practiced long and hard to prepare for the show.

Winners of the Visual Arts Display Peoples’ Choice awards in the student art gallery were: Hattie Friedman, preschool division; Isabella Leon, grades K–2 division, and Gabe Foleck, grades 3–5 division.

Faculty members Janet Jenkins, Tanya Conley, Kevin Tabakin, Meredith Carnazza, Alene Kaufman and Lorna Legum coordinated the event.

by Dee Dee Becker