Chabad’s Purim at the Circus draws festive crowd

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Other News

It was a spectacular experience at the Wyndham Garden in downtown Norfolk as an overflow crowd of 200 children and adults hosted by Chabad of Tidewater enjoyed Purim at the Circus featuring The Twins from France.

The charming Brooklyn-based twins, Yisrael and Yacov Gourion, bedazzled the festive Purim revelers with an incredible performance of acrobatics, juggling, slapstick comedy, and pure Purim joy. Adults, alongside children, were glued to their seats through the high-energy show, including numerous heart-lurching moments and an amazing display of fearless talent and skill. Children were thrilled with the opportunity to watch and participate in the show, as well as experience the magic of a fun filled evening.

“This year, the Twins really took the Purim spirit to the next level,” says Rabbi Levi Brashevitzky, co-director of Chabad and event organizer. “It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves.”

While enjoying delicious food and a fine bar for adults, guests had the opportunity to observe the four Mitzvot of Purim, including a Megillah reading, giving gifts of food to friends and charity to the poor, and enjoying a festive meal.

The previous evening, a Megillah reading and cocktail party served as a Grand Opening for Chabad at the Oceanfront. “It was a wonderful privilege to be here and meet so many Jewish people living near the beach,” says Bracha Margolin.

As in previous years, Chabad also arranged a number of public Megillah readings throughout Tidewater, including at the Chabad House in Ghent, the Simon Family JCC, Westminster-Canterbury, and in local prisons.

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