Challah Bake is as much about camaraderie as it’s about the bread

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

Marcy Mostofsky, Darcy Bloch, and Amy Brooke.

The Great Big Challah Bake was a huge success as more than 120 women got together to bake challah as part of the International Shabbos project. The event took place last month at the Sandler Family Campus.

Along with the ingredients and supplies that were provided, instruction and guidance were offered by veteran challah bakers. Each woman created and kneaded the dough for two challahs. While waiting for their dough to rise, the girls of BINA High School presented a program. Finally, the dough was masterfully braided and sent home to bake.

“At the Challah Bake, one feels a special connection with Jewish women from all walks of life and sects of Judaism. In retrospect, the spiritual aspect tied to baking challah, at the same time as women all over the globe, is exhilarating,” says Linda Sinowitz. “I hope the other participants shared the same uplifting sense of “Sisterhood” as I did…we are the backbone of the faith. I know I will be back next year!”

Leigh Casson