Chinese and Kosher?

by | May 20, 2014 | Other News

After several months of discussions and preparation, Beth Sholom Village was host to a family dinner with congregants of B’nai Israel.

The concern that Beth Sholom Village is not at a level of Kashrut for many of the Orthodox community has been around for some time. Still, BSV is a kosher facility supervised by Cantor Elihu Flax filled with Jewish residents who appreciate the level of Kashrut that has allowed them to live the Jewish lifestyle that is important to them.

To be certain that all of BSV’s guests, residents and visiting friends feel welcome and comfortable enough to enjoy a meal there, an effort is underway to begin to bridge the gap.

Rabbi Sender Haber of B’nai Israel took part in the initial discussions. Supportive from the start, he brought Rabbi Sholom Mostofsky, the Kashruth administrator for the Vaad Hakasruth of Tidewater, into the next round of discussions. Together, Cantor Flax, Rabbi Mostosfsky and Stan Riddick, food service director for BSV, worked to bring the first Chinese Family Dinner to fruition.

With careful supervision and amazing teamwork, on Sunday, May 4, BSV fed more than 60 people a Chinese dinner complete with Chinese themed decorations and chopsticks. Guests left the building asking when the next dinner would be held.