Chutzpah author speaks about Israeli-style innovation and the business of parenting

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Inbal Arieli: Chutzpah, Why Israel is a Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, November 6, 7:30 pm, Sandler Family Campus

Israeli tech insider Inbal Arieli is a mother of three who favors rule-breaking and risk-taking to best practices and safe play. A former lieutenant in the Israel Defense Forces’ elite intelligence corps, and serial entrepreneur featured among the most influential people in Israeli tech, Arieli is coming to Tidewater to share what she has learned about Israel’s dominance on the world stage of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Drawing from deep experience as a strategic leader, entrepreneur, military officer and company executive, she wrote Chutzpah, Why Israel is a Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The wife and mother of three boys doesn’t share the common belief that Israel’s outstanding economic accomplishments are the byproduct of its technologically advanced military or the result of long-standing Jewish traditions of studying and questioning. It’s no coincidence that Israel, dubbed Silicon Wadi, is a tiny country with the highest concentration of startups per capita worldwide.

But why?

Israel excels at raising entrepreneurs and innovators because children are raised in a tribal-like culture that sees value in discomfort, uncertainty, and ‘thinking on your feet.’ Israeli childhoods are purposely shaped by challenges and risks.

Arieli will offer insights and strategies that are directly linked to Israel’s record rewarding chutzpah and courage, and raising generations of entrepreneurs and innovators who are making their mark and transforming markets around the world.

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