Classroom ergonomics at the Hebrew Academy

by | Oct 27, 2016 | Other News

Carin Simon, HAT admissions director

Across the nation, classroom ergonomics is working its way into many schools. In fact, recent studies indicate that factors such as ergonomic kneeling chairs, standing desks, weighted lap pads and desk cycles can improve retention, attention, motivation and academic achievement.

This past summer, Hebrew Academy of Tidewater received funding, thanks to a grant through the Tidewater Jewish Foundation, to enable the school to buy this equipment for classrooms.

“The students are loving this new equipment. It’s great when a student needs a brain break, and some children just think better while moving,” says Janet Jenkin, HAT’s general studies director.

Hebrew Academy strives to individualize their teaching for students. This new ergonomically-aware classroom equipment enables HAT teachers to help students maximize the learning.

It’s no surprise that each child has his own preferred learning methods. Some students learn better while standing, some students like to rock in their chairs and some students are too small or too tall for the classroom chairs and desks. While adults accommodate these same needs by working at the counter, getting an adjustable chair or even buying a desk treadmill, such options have not traditionally been available to students, until now.

Hebrew Academy wants its students to have the best advantage to learn and is constantly striving to create a comfortable and productive learning environment for each and every student, with the primary goal of improving educational outcomes.

For more information on Hebrew Academy of Tidewater or to schedule a tour, contact Carin Simon, admissions director at 757-424-4327 or csimon@hebrewacademy. net.