Congregation Beth El Sisterhood Shabbat

by | May 2, 2014 | Other News

Congregation Beth El’s Sisterhood held its annual Sisterhood Shabbat on Saturday, March 28.

The Sisterhood chose to emphasize the Women’s League theme for the year of “Mispachah” (family) as the message of the morning. The event was successfully chaired by Brenda Kozak and Kevin Tabakin and included a service beautifully performed by 35 sisters in the hood, a vibrant group of educated Jewish women who personify a vigorous and vital Judaism. Sisterhood members led each part of the service. Five members took on the mitzvah of chanting the torah – Ina Leiderman, Jill Smith, Sharon Wasserberg, Sharon Goretsky, and Stephanie Peck, while six members were given the honor of an aliyah—Jody Laibstain, Brenda Kozak, Barbara Abraham, Vergie McCall, Carol Smith, and Leslie Hecht-Leavitt. For the seventh aliyah, women filled the bema as the generous Torah Fund contributors were honored.

Debbie Kaufman’s sermon was her interpretation of the Torah portion about the responsibilities of women after the birth of a child. She felt it showed respect and gratitude for the many responsibilities that women must assume in caring and sustaining the family. She made her point succinctly and humorously and her sermon was well received and certainly well appreciated for both its message and its brevity.

Following the service, a beautiful Kiddush took place in Barr Hall and everyone enjoyed birthday cake donated by Mark Kozak in honor of his wife Brenda’s birthday. Cantor Gordon Piltch and Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz helped make this a day of special celebration for women.

by Helene Smith and Helene Rosenfeld, Sisterhood co-presidents