Craft a legacy, secure the Jewish future

by | Nov 9, 2023 | Other News

Naomi Limor Sedek
Nestled beside one of the area’s fastest-growing congregations, a new playground gleams under the sun. While it may appear as just slides and swings, it’s much more for the young Jewish families of B’nai Israel. Funded through a Tidewater Jewish Foundation’s community impact grant, the Low Family Playground embodies the connection between Foundation unrestricted funds and Jewish causes. It’s not just about play; it’s a space where the next generation, the future of Tidewater’s Jewish community, can form bonds, grow, and absorb Jewish traditions and values.

In addition to community impact grants, TJF is committed to facilitating meaningful connections between donors and impactful projects, organizations, and community causes.

Another TJF community impact grant recently facilitated a unique cultural and educational event, enabling community members to interact with a Sofer who evaluated 30 Torah scrolls from Tidewater’s congregations. This underscores TJF’s commitment to preserving age-old traditions and fostering community unity. This blend of traditional and innovative support showcases the multifaceted ways funding through TJF uplifts the Jewish community.

Tidewater Jewish Foundation’s mission is clear: to secure the Jewish future. Through donor-advised funds, fundholder grants, and restricted legacy funds for agencies, programs, and services, TJF offers an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to be an architect of the community’s future.

Starting a fund with TJF isn’t merely a financial transaction; it’s a commitment to legacy. Donors are not just contributors, but are influencers, wielding the power to shape the Jewish community in ways that reflect their values and vision.

To join this journey, speak with TJF to discuss the creation of a personal legacy so together, the future of a thriving and flourishing community is ensured. It all starts with a conversation.
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Naomi Limor Sedek is president and CEO of Tidewater Jewish Foundation. She may be reached at 757-965-6109 or